Thursday, November 12, 2009

Contest Update!

The contest has been updated to include a second category for entries. The second category called "Category B" is for anything involving "I Am T-Pain" beyond the "I'm On A Boat" concept. For all the details check out the Contest Website!

This week we announced the first Category B winner which was quite awesome.

Here are the videos for both winners this week.

Category A: I'm Wearin Cotton

Category B: I Fotted On Yo Car

Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm On A Boat Video Contest

Well we are closing in on the end of week 2 of the "I'm On A Boat" video contest. So far we have had some very good submissions. Here is the winner from week one and a couple of good videos to keep an eye on.

Week One Winner!

Ones To Watch
I'm On A Bus

I'm Going Broke

I'm In My Bathroom

Stay tuned for more Autotune wackiness! And if you want to join the contest yourself, be sure and hit up for details on how to enter!

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Show us your I Am T-Pain videos!

Hey all. I haven't done a post on I Am T-Pain just yet and that ain't right! Well here is a big shabang of all the happenings since launch. We are still number 3 in the app store thanks to all of our lovely fans and the T-Pain and Nappy Boy camp showing us lots of love all over the place!

First off we have been getting lots of spots on TV and Radio Nationwide including this plug from Jimmy Fallon on his iPhone app segment last night.

There have been many videos popping up on Youtube of people using the app in various ways. Here is one of a guy doing a live performance and using the app which is pretty cool.

Apparently even Country Music singers like to be T-Pain. In this video (not the best quality unfortunately) we have James Young of the Eli Young Band using it on his tour bus.

And one more video. This one is cool because of the concept. Now I could get all metaphorical on you with this one, but I'll just say I like it because this person had to sing along with the real song and then sync up his guitar playing during the video.

If you have a video you would like us to put on our website, feel free and submit it using the form on our media page.

A huge thanks to everyone who has purchased this app, and also to those who have supported Smule from the beginning! have fun being T-Pain.

--The Mule

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Smule featured in Mo Rocca's Tomorrow Show

Hey all, it's been a while as we have been gearing up for the release of our next big app!! But this here nifty feature popped up recently and gives quite an interesting perspective on the future of slacking. What a great topic! "Don't mind if we do!" says Grandpa Smule.

If in fact you are currently slacking at work in order to watch this video, you might want to go ahead and fastforward to the 5:20 mark just in case your boss is lurking nearby and you are looking to get to the good stuff.


Watch CBS Videos Online

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vator TV Smule Sponsorship "Feel the Love" Spot

Thanks to Vator TV for this awesome feature in their latest episode of "What Am I Missy?". We love those guys!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Smule Ocarina Superstar Is Born

Remember DC Yane from the "This Contest Blows"? You know, the one who did entire arrangements of the "Me and You" theme from the Olympics in Beijing? Well he has won our hearts over again, but this time he is performing on Chinese television with a backup band and standing ovations! Thanks DC for your awesome skill and prolific performances in a country where the iPhone isn't even officially available. Smule loves your enthusiasm!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ocarina Toted as Number 1 App of All Time

Tech Digest just selected Ocarina as the Number One iPhone app of all time in their "The 101 best iPhone apps in the world today". Thanks to the UK blog for the big props and the very first picture on the page of the Ocarina in action. Who says you have to publish a best of only during the New Year celebration?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smule Teams Up with the San Francisco Symphony

Today we here at Smule joined up with the San Francisco Symphony! They are well known for doing new and cutting edge events and performances. Remember the Matallica S & M album. Well anyways, in honor of their July 18th "Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy" event we are kicking off a special sweepstakes running June 30th-July 15th, with prizes including a hotel stay, concert tickets, iPod touches and Smule Apps.
There will also be an Ocarina Master Class, that will take place in Davies Hall right after the performance, led by yours truly, TAFKA The Mule.

In order to enter the sweepstakes all you have to do is join the SFS Social Network and become a member of the Smule Group.

It's super easy, and here is a video giving the whole pitch.

Wish you all luck in winning the prizes, and hope to see you at the concert or chat on the Social Network!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Leaf Trombone now with Duet Mode!

It's official! Leaf Trombone: World Stage is now available exclusively for iPhone OS 3.0. So time to upgrade. You may remember the demonstration Smule did way back in March when Ge and David performed a Duet. As promised, the 3.0 version uses bluetooth to sync two devices so you and a friend can rock out together.

Check out this new video straight from Smule HQ to get a glimpse of duet craziness!

"Feel the Love" with Smule's new Contest for Leaf Trombone

In times of economic hard ship who isn't in need of a little love? Well we here at Smule feel this is something we need to promote. That's why we decided to launch the "Feel the Love" contest... well that and the fact that Leaf Trombone is now available exclusively for iPhone OS 3.0.

Don't let that fool you. You can spread the love whether you have 3.0 Leaf Trombone or not. So what is this contest all about? How can YOU win $500 just for performing on the World Stage? It's actually quite simple. All you need to do is get the most love for your performance on the World Stage and BOOM you are a winner!

Watch this video for an idea of how simple and fun it really is, or check out the Official Contest Website

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SF Music Tech Conference

I went to the SF Music Tech Conference on Monday and just saw this video today. If you look really closely you will catch a glimpse of the Mule's backside around 32 seconds. It was a great conference, I met a lot of cool people, and got some great insight into the future of music and technology.

View more news videos at:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Docjazz Strikes Again

Our good friend @docjazz4 has made another awesome video. This time using both Leaf Trombone and Ocarina in an auto-harmonization. It's quite a beautiful performance if I do say so myself.

Tweet This!

@hannahsteiman of Inc. Magazine wrote a Blog Post today saying they are wondering what people's favorite apps are. They will publish favorite responses to the post in their magazine, so get creative!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leaf Trombone is now Free!

Leaf Trombone: Lite & Free was released today! Now you can enjoy MOST of the amazing features available for the full 99 cents. You can play "Auld Lang Syne" to your heart's content in "Play a Song" mode, "Observe" as many judging sessions as you would like, and of course "Free Play" is still there. If you want to browse the extensive catalog of Leaf Trombone Songs, perform on the "World Stage", or Judge others you'll have to open up that pocket book, but the extra features are definitely worth the dollar!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Smule in LA Times

Wow Los Angeles is really hooking it up! This great article just came out today thanks to Dan Fost, a Technology writer and blogger for many high end publications. He came and spent a day with Ge and Smule to write this article. A good time had by all as per usual.

Click Here For the Full Story!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smule featured on CNBC

Ge appeared on CNBC on Monday, May 4 at 11:56 a.m. The piece talks about the upcoming Apple software updates and does a small feature on Ge and Leaf Trombone. A great piece overall - one of the broadcasters said they loved Smule! Well isn't that cool? The guy who created Trism is also in there. Check it out!

Here's the video, if you are using a mac it might not work to well, just click the video and hit the spacebar to get it going.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

App Store Pick of the Week -- Leaf Trombone: World Stage

We got some major love from apple today as we were featured on their "Hot News" page. It's quite a nice little intro to the Leaf. Along with this great post, we are featured in the "What's Hot" section of the Mobile App Store and in the iTunes App Store as well! Thanks for all the love Apple. We truly appreciate it. Now if only that darn 3000 Facts app wasn't climbing the charts...

Here are some screen shots of the beautiful features.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smule on Fox News LA

The Mule and the Mathemegician of Smule were featured this past weekend on Fox News in Los Angeles. They did a superb job of outlining Ocarina, Leaf Trombone, and a little bit of Sonic Lighter in a short period. Here's a link to the clip. Quite a nice feature given the prime time spot we were given!

Here's the video, if you are using a mac it might not work to well, just click the video and hit the spacebar to get it going.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ge Wang featured in USA today. (the mule makes an appearance)

Today Ge Wang, Smule's CTO and co-founder as you all know by now, was featured, along with Ocarina and Leaf Trombone, in an article on the front page of USA Today Money. It is a massive article taking up 2 pages in the physical version of USA Today, but it has an online counterpart with a video to boot! Here's the video, see if you can spot the Mule....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ocarina now in Apple Stores!

Check it out. thanks to Jman2003 I now have pictures of Ocarina infiltrating the Apple Empire and appearing twice in the store's App Store advertisements! You go Ocarina!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leaf Trombone Forums and Score Generator

For those of you who don't know, there is a forum at that now has a section for Leaf Trombone. If you have composed songs and want to share the score with other people this is a great place to do that! Also, if you think you did an exceptional performance and want others to go and judge you on the world stage, feel free to post the Session ID similar to the Auto-Tweet feature in the app.

So check out the Leaf Trombone forum while it's hot.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leaf Trombone: World Stage has been released!

It's finally here!! So many late nights and blood sweat and tears, but we finally did it! Everyone at Smule would like to thank the academy and the.... oh wait. No we'd just like to thank all of you Smuleans out there rocking the Leaf. Keep it up.

Here are all the videos to accompany the release. The last Four are tutorials, so if you want to learn all the nuances of Leaf Trombone, as well as how to compose for it, check them out!

An absolute gem from Rhett And Link the boys from North Carolina!

The leaf as an animated operatic virtuoso! I have to say, I was the actual one performing the song for this video. Thank you very much!

Another hit song by the creator of Monkey Head the Music Video Featuring Ocarina. Here is a tale of those beasties from down south! The feared and hated Chupacabras!!

Docjazz4 does it again only this time with the Leaf Trombone!! YEAH!

OK time for Tutorials!

Intro to Leaf Trombone! Time to noodle around

Learn how to play a song!

All about the World Stage

This is where you learn to compose your very own Leaf Trombone Extravaganza!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last Night's Broadcast

Check out the video from the broadcast last night. I had my good friend Cooper Jeffreys doing his own style of what he calls Electronic Honkey Tonk. It was quite a bit of fun. Go to the 1 hour, and 6 minute mark and listen to a little riff we did on Steve Jobs saying "Boom" a whole lot.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Top 20 Apps of All TIME!!!

I am pleased to announce that today Apple dubbed Ocarina one of the All Time Greatest Apps! Thanks Apple. you rock! I mean they would know which apps are the best right?

We are celebrating by working hard on getting Leaf Trombone finalized of course. Much Starcraft will ensue later.

Check out this graphic on the page with the apps. See the tiny little Ocarina icon? Ohhhh yeah!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Mule Pic from Jman3000

One of Smule's most faithful followers Mr. Jman3000 himself created this hilarious and very Smulean pic for me! Thanks a billion man!


You rock!

If you all haven't seen, here is the video he made for the this contest blows contest we had a couple months ago! It is an epic journey into the mind of a man who played wayyyyy to much Ocarina. So much so that he became one!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Microphones for iPod Touch Ocarina

I have been asked quite a bit about what microphone to use for the iPod Touch version of Ocarina. Here is my two cents for both the 2G and the 1G iPod Touch

For the 2G iPod Touch users I would solely recommend the Griffin SmartTalk microphone.
It is small, has a nice cable, and allows you to plug headphones or any other 1/8" plug into it in case you have other external speakers. Most importantly it has a conveniently placed clip that, if you do like I did in these pictures, allows you to position the mic almost exactly where it is located on the iPhone providing a similarly compelling experience. It runs around $20 USD and is usually available at most Apple Stores.

Griffin SmartTalk Mic Positioning 3

Griffin SmartTalk Mic Positioning

For You 1G iPod Touch Users I recommend the
Macally iVoiceIII Microphone

It's a little bit more expensive, but does the trick quite nicely. Once again, you'll have to have headphones in order to hear. You can get these at Fry's Electronics or on the web.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ocarina Now Touch Compatible!

Horray! The moment that all you iPod Touch owners have been waiting for. Ocarina has now been updated to include a new Touch Mode. It works on both iPhone and iPod Touch and allows you to play just by touching, of course, the little virtual holes of the Ocarina. "But how do I play the highest octave in touch mode? I mean it's played without any fingers..." right you are random question asking person, and that is why we added a fifth hole! Touching only this hole will allow you to hit that high note just like if you were blowing and holding no virtual holes. Speaking of blowing, the touch mode still allows you to hook up an external microphone to play Ocarina as it was originally intended.
I hope you are all happy! We are here at Smule, and it seems like Ocarina has begun its 3rd trek up the top paid application chart.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stream of the iPhone 3.0 update released

OK Apple has now posted the live stream of all the festivities from this morning. Fast forward about 57 minutes into the stream and you will see the Smule presenation and rockin performance!
Check it out HERE

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I think the title of this post says it all. Here's a picture of how we celebrated here at Smule. mmmmmm tasty treats from Sprinkles, the amazing cupcake producer.

Smule at iPhone Software 3.0 Announcment

Today was a good day! Apple held a demonstration of the new 3.0 Software update for iPhone and iPod Touch. They announced that in the past two weeks they challenged a few developers to use the new SDK and try to create something with it. Well I am pleased to say that Smule was one of those and we did our thing at the demonstration. Ge Wang and his "assistant" who we lovingly call the "War Chief" rocked the house with a performance and sneak peek of our upcoming app Leaf Trombone World Stage. I am told that there was a thunderous applause and it was said to be the most well received portion of the event! Kudos to us!

Here is what Engadget's live blog said about the performance and demo. I especially like the fact that they said stuff like "Dr. Wang is intense" and "This is pretty amazing, just because it's so intensely bizarre." I think they nailed Smule on the nose with comments like those! HAHA!

10:58AM Scott: "Next, is Smule. The creators of Ocarina. Here's Dr. Ge Wang."

10:59AM Dr. Wang is intense.

11:01AM "We're excited about the new iPhone SDK." He's showing off an app called Leaf Trombone World Stage. Seriously. It's a multiplayer music app.

11:02AM Dr. Wang and assistant are about to perform "a little ditty" for us. "This is Phantom of the Opera on Leaf Trombone." It is. It is! Everyone is giggling. This is pretty amazing, just because it's so intensely bizarre.

11:02AM Huge applause for that! Huge!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smule Apps Keep Mysteriously Appearing In Pop Culture

It has become apparent that the Ocarina continues to dig it's claws into the depths of pop culture. A little over a week ago the UK band "The Mentalists" did a full on iPhone band performance, and it has continued to show up in various other YouTube videos as well as on T-Pain's website.

These two videos have a common theme. It seems that Ford is hosting a contest of their own and two of the videos submitted have an Ocarina feature in them. One is from our very own This Contest Blows winner "laughtech". Check them out.

Features laughtech's Ocarina song at 1:22

Features Ocarina as one of "25 Random Things" that these people can do at 1:16

T-Pain with the Sonic Lighter doing some magic.

THR33 RINGZ Webisode 7 - iPhone lighter -

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Glendale Galleria Apple Store Presentation

Today I did a little Smule presentation at the Glendale Galleria Apple Store. Here's a picture that was snapped by one of the people who came to check it out! You rock man! It was a grand old time. That place sure is packed on Sundays! Go figure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Mentalists Pay Ocarina!

WOW! Really cool stuff! A band called The Mentalists from the UK posted this video the other day of them playing nothing but iPhones and iPod Touches! This is truly groundbreaking stuff here! This is something that was not possible before the iPhone came out. A mobile device enabling a group of musicians to produce a truly expressive performance? Totally awesome.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live Broadcast in LA!

One more thing! I will be broadcasting live from LA tomorrow, Monday the 23rd at 7pm PST from Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles. I've been told there are beautiful ocean side views from where I will be so I can't wait.

I would also like to say that I will be featuring two very talented guests. One a renown Magician from the Magic Castle, and the other an astounding musical talent. They also happened to be winners of the This Contest Blows contest with their expressive rendition of Carol Of the Bells.

Don't miss it 'cause it's a one time only event!!!!

Smule you later.

--The Mule

Smule Community Predicts the Oscars!

Hey all you faithful Smulers! You did it! With the newly released Sonic Lighter poll you have all cast your vote from the far reaches of the globe to successfully predict the outcome of the Academy Awards choice for Best Picture. I was here in LA when it happened and it was quite a site to see. Anyways a huge thank you to those of you who chose your flame of choice and supported your favorite movie of the year.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Contest coming to an end. $5000 to be given next monday.

The "This Contest (still) Blows" contest is coming to a close! Only two days left (it ends February 13th at midnight. If you haven't yet, check out the to see the latest updates on the contest. Also, don't forget to join the live broadcast next Monday at 7pm PST We will be announcing the contest winners and giving away $5000 so don't miss it! I will also be talking about our next product which is shaping up quite nicely so tune in for a sneak peak on that.
Here are some recent video posts from the contest.

This one is just awesome. Must have taken quite a bit of time to do.

Here is a girl with some REAL talent. She plays and sings at the same time! I definitely can't do that.

This is a great update to the original Totoro video by SirLaughsALot535

This guy made his own soundtrack for a short film version of Edward Scissorhands

This guy is a champ. Nothing can stop him from rocking out on Ocarina, not even a cat sitting on his music.

A charming rendition of the Celine Dion love ballad

See you all on Monday!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boxers or Briefs?

Hey everyone! The Sonic Lighter wielding Smuleans have now proven themselves as a true force in the future predicting arena. In November '08 you predicted the outcome of the United States Election, and this past Sunday you predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl! Now it is time to prove yourselves once again and finally settle a more pressing issue. One of the most debated issues of all time ... No, not "What is the meaning of life?", or "Why does Madonna talk with a British accent?" but even more important, the dilemma of "Boxers Vs. Briefs?". Of course some of you will say "What about boxer-briefs?" To this Smule emphatically retorts, "There is only one true answer...." and we will soon see what the world has chosen.

To stay up to date on the world's choice, check out our Boxers Vs. Briefs Map

Friday, January 23, 2009

Smulerbowl Lighter Update

The Super Bowl is coming, but the Smulerbowl has already begun! Yesterday the latest Sonic Lighter update came out with yet another wonderful map to bring you the latest polls from around the globe of who people are voting for in the Superbowl...Smule-Style though of course. It seems that the Steelers are much more popular worldwide, because who ever heard of the Cardinals? Well that may be a little harsh, I mean it might just be due to the fact that we already offered a red flame for the Election 08 edition of Lighter, even though the flames are slightly different.
So who will it be? The Steelers who have already made numerous appearances at the Super Bowl, or the Cardinals who are currently the Smulean underdog? Or maybe you just plain don't give a hoot and that is awwwwwwright!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Using the Sonic Lighter as a Geo Paintbrush

Cool News from Smule HQ!
The Sonic Lighter is now being used as a paintbrush with the entire earth as its canvas. This is really cool stuff! With the latest update to the Sonic Lighter Light Map (the Google Maps version of the global light map available in the Sonic Lighter app) you can now create a live archived link to the Light Map as you see it. We have also developed a forum dedicated to the Sonic Lighter, where you can share your Lighter Map Art.

Here are some examples of a creative Smuler from Pasadena, and My Tag in Palo Alto.

Smiley Face from Pasadena

Holiday Greeting from Pasadena

Smule Tag in Palo Alto

In keeping with the tradition started by the guy in Pasadena I am including a screen shot of how long it took to make the "Smule" in PA.

The Time it Took

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Contest Results, Extension, and T-Shirts for All Participants

It's been a crazy past couple of days! The Contest winners were announced, the contest was extended, and we are working on sending T-shirts to everyone who entered! All in an effort to make this world a bit more Smulean ... whatever that may be!

First off, a HUGE thank you and congratulations to everyone who has entered the contest up to this point! You guys have done some wonderfully creative things and we decided to extend the contest to see if we can uncover even more creativity in the Ocarina community!

Second, the new contest deadline is Friday, February 13th, and the last 5 winners will be announced on the following Monday, February 16th on my weekly Ustream Broadcast.

So without further adieu, here are the results thus far.

Please visit the Contest Website for a more in depth look (and witty comments) at the contest standings.

10 Winners Thus Far

Monkey Head by laughtech

Hot N Cold by davidchoimusic

Oh Shenandoah by hrdrockgrrl

Music of the Night with your Nose by goddesslynz

Good Sleep, Fast Sleep by Degravia

Whistle Stop by BlakeCarlileITM

Sadness and Sorrow by vladtepesdrac

Greetings from Hungary! by hunocarina

Song of Storms by Watemon

Carol of the Bells by AliHandal

Monday, January 12, 2009

Live Broadcast tonight! Contest winners announced!

Hey all. Please join for the live broadcast tonight! We will be announcing the Contest results, talking about macworld, and much much more! There will be a special guest, and it may even be a bit controversial. oh my!

Smule Live Broadcast

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The "This Contest Blows" Contest One Week Left!

In light of there only being One more week to submit videos for the "This Contest Blows" Contest, I am featuring some of my personal favorites here.

A huge thank you to David Choi for making us this great video and a few others too! Very well done David!

A somewhat bizarre Music Video made using the Ocarina as the instrument of choice on the soundtrack. And by somewhat bizarre I mean awesome!

A very unique way of putting a crying baby to sleep and some great animation to boot!

A Jazzy Ocarina rendition of "White Christmas"