Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leaf Trombone: World Stage has been released!

It's finally here!! So many late nights and blood sweat and tears, but we finally did it! Everyone at Smule would like to thank the academy and the.... oh wait. No we'd just like to thank all of you Smuleans out there rocking the Leaf. Keep it up.

Here are all the videos to accompany the release. The last Four are tutorials, so if you want to learn all the nuances of Leaf Trombone, as well as how to compose for it, check them out!

An absolute gem from Rhett And Link the boys from North Carolina!

The leaf as an animated operatic virtuoso! I have to say, I was the actual one performing the song for this video. Thank you very much!

Another hit song by the creator of Monkey Head the Music Video Featuring Ocarina. Here is a tale of those beasties from down south! The feared and hated Chupacabras!!

Docjazz4 does it again only this time with the Leaf Trombone!! YEAH!

OK time for Tutorials!

Intro to Leaf Trombone! Time to noodle around

Learn how to play a song!

All about the World Stage

This is where you learn to compose your very own Leaf Trombone Extravaganza!!

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