Saturday, March 28, 2009

Microphones for iPod Touch Ocarina

I have been asked quite a bit about what microphone to use for the iPod Touch version of Ocarina. Here is my two cents for both the 2G and the 1G iPod Touch

For the 2G iPod Touch users I would solely recommend the Griffin SmartTalk microphone.
It is small, has a nice cable, and allows you to plug headphones or any other 1/8" plug into it in case you have other external speakers. Most importantly it has a conveniently placed clip that, if you do like I did in these pictures, allows you to position the mic almost exactly where it is located on the iPhone providing a similarly compelling experience. It runs around $20 USD and is usually available at most Apple Stores.

Griffin SmartTalk Mic Positioning 3

Griffin SmartTalk Mic Positioning

For You 1G iPod Touch Users I recommend the
Macally iVoiceIII Microphone

It's a little bit more expensive, but does the trick quite nicely. Once again, you'll have to have headphones in order to hear. You can get these at Fry's Electronics or on the web.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ocarina Now Touch Compatible!

Horray! The moment that all you iPod Touch owners have been waiting for. Ocarina has now been updated to include a new Touch Mode. It works on both iPhone and iPod Touch and allows you to play just by touching, of course, the little virtual holes of the Ocarina. "But how do I play the highest octave in touch mode? I mean it's played without any fingers..." right you are random question asking person, and that is why we added a fifth hole! Touching only this hole will allow you to hit that high note just like if you were blowing and holding no virtual holes. Speaking of blowing, the touch mode still allows you to hook up an external microphone to play Ocarina as it was originally intended.
I hope you are all happy! We are here at Smule, and it seems like Ocarina has begun its 3rd trek up the top paid application chart.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stream of the iPhone 3.0 update released

OK Apple has now posted the live stream of all the festivities from this morning. Fast forward about 57 minutes into the stream and you will see the Smule presenation and rockin performance!
Check it out HERE

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I think the title of this post says it all. Here's a picture of how we celebrated here at Smule. mmmmmm tasty treats from Sprinkles, the amazing cupcake producer.

Smule at iPhone Software 3.0 Announcment

Today was a good day! Apple held a demonstration of the new 3.0 Software update for iPhone and iPod Touch. They announced that in the past two weeks they challenged a few developers to use the new SDK and try to create something with it. Well I am pleased to say that Smule was one of those and we did our thing at the demonstration. Ge Wang and his "assistant" who we lovingly call the "War Chief" rocked the house with a performance and sneak peek of our upcoming app Leaf Trombone World Stage. I am told that there was a thunderous applause and it was said to be the most well received portion of the event! Kudos to us!

Here is what Engadget's live blog said about the performance and demo. I especially like the fact that they said stuff like "Dr. Wang is intense" and "This is pretty amazing, just because it's so intensely bizarre." I think they nailed Smule on the nose with comments like those! HAHA!

10:58AM Scott: "Next, is Smule. The creators of Ocarina. Here's Dr. Ge Wang."

10:59AM Dr. Wang is intense.

11:01AM "We're excited about the new iPhone SDK." He's showing off an app called Leaf Trombone World Stage. Seriously. It's a multiplayer music app.

11:02AM Dr. Wang and assistant are about to perform "a little ditty" for us. "This is Phantom of the Opera on Leaf Trombone." It is. It is! Everyone is giggling. This is pretty amazing, just because it's so intensely bizarre.

11:02AM Huge applause for that! Huge!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smule Apps Keep Mysteriously Appearing In Pop Culture

It has become apparent that the Ocarina continues to dig it's claws into the depths of pop culture. A little over a week ago the UK band "The Mentalists" did a full on iPhone band performance, and it has continued to show up in various other YouTube videos as well as on T-Pain's website.

These two videos have a common theme. It seems that Ford is hosting a contest of their own and two of the videos submitted have an Ocarina feature in them. One is from our very own This Contest Blows winner "laughtech". Check them out.

Features laughtech's Ocarina song at 1:22

Features Ocarina as one of "25 Random Things" that these people can do at 1:16

T-Pain with the Sonic Lighter doing some magic.

THR33 RINGZ Webisode 7 - iPhone lighter -

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Glendale Galleria Apple Store Presentation

Today I did a little Smule presentation at the Glendale Galleria Apple Store. Here's a picture that was snapped by one of the people who came to check it out! You rock man! It was a grand old time. That place sure is packed on Sundays! Go figure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Mentalists Pay Ocarina!

WOW! Really cool stuff! A band called The Mentalists from the UK posted this video the other day of them playing nothing but iPhones and iPod Touches! This is truly groundbreaking stuff here! This is something that was not possible before the iPhone came out. A mobile device enabling a group of musicians to produce a truly expressive performance? Totally awesome.