Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ocarina Now Touch Compatible!

Horray! The moment that all you iPod Touch owners have been waiting for. Ocarina has now been updated to include a new Touch Mode. It works on both iPhone and iPod Touch and allows you to play just by touching, of course, the little virtual holes of the Ocarina. "But how do I play the highest octave in touch mode? I mean it's played without any fingers..." right you are random question asking person, and that is why we added a fifth hole! Touching only this hole will allow you to hit that high note just like if you were blowing and holding no virtual holes. Speaking of blowing, the touch mode still allows you to hook up an external microphone to play Ocarina as it was originally intended.
I hope you are all happy! We are here at Smule, and it seems like Ocarina has begun its 3rd trek up the top paid application chart.

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