Saturday, March 28, 2009

Microphones for iPod Touch Ocarina

I have been asked quite a bit about what microphone to use for the iPod Touch version of Ocarina. Here is my two cents for both the 2G and the 1G iPod Touch

For the 2G iPod Touch users I would solely recommend the Griffin SmartTalk microphone.
It is small, has a nice cable, and allows you to plug headphones or any other 1/8" plug into it in case you have other external speakers. Most importantly it has a conveniently placed clip that, if you do like I did in these pictures, allows you to position the mic almost exactly where it is located on the iPhone providing a similarly compelling experience. It runs around $20 USD and is usually available at most Apple Stores.

Griffin SmartTalk Mic Positioning 3

Griffin SmartTalk Mic Positioning

For You 1G iPod Touch Users I recommend the
Macally iVoiceIII Microphone

It's a little bit more expensive, but does the trick quite nicely. Once again, you'll have to have headphones in order to hear. You can get these at Fry's Electronics or on the web.


ipod said...

It is a good device. It has good quality and on the contrary to what I have read on different websites, the battery lasts over 3 hours of recording in my 60GB ipod. easy to use.
The only bad thing is the ridiculous size per recording in comparison to many digital voice recorders. Other than that it's working OK.

iPod Touch Mic

Spectrim said...

Would you have any sound sample of what the mic produces quality wise. Im looking to use it for simple song recording when i'm on the road?

you can email me at for suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice mate, must give these a go with my ipod touch soon

The Mule said...

Glad to have helped!

Bilal Raza said...

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