Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smule Apps Keep Mysteriously Appearing In Pop Culture

It has become apparent that the Ocarina continues to dig it's claws into the depths of pop culture. A little over a week ago the UK band "The Mentalists" did a full on iPhone band performance, and it has continued to show up in various other YouTube videos as well as on T-Pain's website.

These two videos have a common theme. It seems that Ford is hosting a contest of their own and two of the videos submitted have an Ocarina feature in them. One is from our very own This Contest Blows winner "laughtech". Check them out.

Features laughtech's Ocarina song at 1:22

Features Ocarina as one of "25 Random Things" that these people can do at 1:16

T-Pain with the Sonic Lighter doing some magic.

THR33 RINGZ Webisode 7 - iPhone lighter - T-Pain.com

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