Monday, September 29, 2008

Recap of Saturday in Dolores Park

It was a fine Saturday afternoon in Dolores Park. The Expo for Independent Arts was in full swing and there were plenty of weekend people soaking up the rays. Thanks to the Expo there were bands of all types playing on a small stage and a lot of colorful people showing off their artistic capabilities. I spent some time on what I found out is called the Fruit Shelf at the South East portion of the park. Everyone there was very friendly and there was no shortage of tan and muscly bodies appreciating one of the few true summer weekend days the city has seen this year. The Sonic Lighter seemed to be an interesting topic for the people of the park and a few even decided to get lit by The Mule!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Critical Mass found the Mule

Wow!! Yesterday was quite a day. Friday's in San Francisco mean a lot more tourists than usual, and I had no idea that critical mass was going to be happening, but luckily some very nice people informed me of it! I was also told that it was the 16th anniversary of the event, and it was pretty apparent that this was the case. I have never seen so many bicycles in one place, or so many motorists perturbed as much! But it was all in good fun and I think that everyone involved had a great time. I know I certainly did.

Today should be a little bit more laid back as I will be in Dolores Park trying to spread the light and entertain.

-The Mule

Friday, September 26, 2008

Third Day in San Francisco

Today will be my third day in San Francisco so keep an eye out! I'm going to be in Down Town for a bit and then head up market to Embarcadero to see what I can see.

Tomorrow I'll be in the Lovely Dolores Park so if you are out and about stop by and I'll give you a light!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

San Francisco Day 2 Was a Whopping Fun Time!

Hellooooooo everyone out there in Smule land! Today was a good day! I spend most of the day riding around downtown San Francisco once again, and took a quick trip out to Dolores Park. There were plenty of people to meet and quite a few characters as you can immagine. One in particular was Travis the Action Weaver in Dolores Park who was weaving a beautiful new scarf and soaking up the rays while they are available!

I also met a writer from GQ magazine who was out here visiting from New York. He wrote an article on Ted Nugent at one point and was invited out to see the Ranch that Ted lives on, but unfortunately he had to settle for a phone interview for lack of time. He was a very nice guy.

So that's the synopsis of day 2 in SF, more to come tomorrow as I branch out and try to embrace the city a little bit more on my journey to spread the light!

Keep on groovin and I hope to meet all of you soon!

-The Mule

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Mule in San Francisco (take 2)

Ok yesterday was a tragedy as far as San Francisco goes! Injustice was served as the CalTrain people would not let me board the train. They said I was too wide, or rather my Tricycle was! Well today is another shining day. I have arrangements with a lovely friend to transport the tricycle to the city this time.

So once again look out for The Mule around Union Square and if you see me ... well you already know what to do!

Sonic Lighter at Jackson Browne Concert!!

Thanks to this Sonic Lighter user for sending in this awesome picture of the lighter at a Jackson Browne concert! Nice front row seats man!

So for all of you out there, keep on sending in those pictures and I'll keep putting them up. Have Fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Mule in San Francisco

Hello Everyone! I will be in downtown San Francisco today so keep an eye out around Union Square and ask me for a light if you see me!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Mule at Stanford

Hello everyone! Today I will be on campus at Stanford so if you are in the area, look out for The Mule in the flesh!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So When Do We Start The Meetups?

This post is dedicated to PalDavidO who left a very nice review on the Sonic Lighter app store page. PalDavidO asked "So when do we start the meetups?" This is the exact kind of question I am here to answer. And the answer is NOW!

Send me an E-mail at themule{at} or leave a comment on this blog about where you would like to see me next. I'm on a campaign to meet new people and encourage them to light up in as many cool and interesting places as possible.

Sonic Mule is all about encouraging people to meet up like PalDavidO suggested and I'm here to make sure that happens! So let the meeting up of people everywhere begin!

-The Mule

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The First Light in Muir Woods!!!

The stage has been set. The first unique light up event has been captured! Here is the official video.

If you have a unique/interesting light up that you have captured in some way, feel free to send it to me The Mule along with any information you are comfortable with including about the event! Remember that the Sonic Network is all about fostering positive interactions so have fun! I will continue to post unique lights along with other fun Mule related ventures here so stay tuned. Be safe, live well, and keep smiling at the people around you!!
-The Mule

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Very First Event. "Give a light"

To kick things off I am going to extend an invitation to everyone to send in a picture of a unique Sonic Lighter lighting up event. Be creative! Find a friend or two who has the Sonic Lighter and give them a light in an interesting location, or in some totally unique situation. Be sure to capture it on video/camera and send it to me along with any other information you wish to include about yourself. Each week I will post the best light (or two if it is hard to find a best) along with any other information you feel comfortable with providing (remember privacy is key here). Once again, have fun, be creative, maybe even meet a new friend and, of course, enjoy the experience! Don't forget to stay up to date on the progress of the Sonic Network. Over and out for now.

In the Beginning There Was The Mule...

The first entry. What to say? My mission has begun. With the Sonic Lighter soon to be released it is time to plot a course to spread the light. In case you are wondering what this is all about, I will give a short explanation here. If you just want to get to the good stuff and start spreading enlightenment then get out there and do your thang!!

Introducing the Sonic Network
It isn't Facebook or Myspace and it doesn't involve being on the computer. It's all about getting out there and enjoying eachother's company. It is a new network, a sonic network, which can only be developed sonically of course! What does this mean? As we all know sound only carries so far, but it exists in the physical world and it's as easy as that. The Sonic Network has limited immediate range, but it has the benefit of being able to be carried by real people who can spread the word ... or the flame in this case. The best part about it all is that you can still use a computer to view it's progress, but in order to participate you need to be making some NOISE!

But Why Have a Sonic Network?
In today's fast paced life, full of technology, innovation, and instant gratification, the ideal of human to human interaction (and privacy) is slowly being split up to involve technology (i.e. computers, phones, satellites, ESP... well maybe not that) as an intermediary. Now this can be a good thing when there is an ocean between people, but there is something to be said about being in the physical presence of another person. That is the goal of the Sonic Lighter and it's Sonic Network. To utilize new technology while encouraging more positive face to face interaction! Isn't life great? It's just that simple. With the introduction of the Sonic Network and with me, The Mule, doing my best to propagate the flame, who knows what sort of cool things people might actually discover about themselves. And maybe we will learn to slow things down a bit and share an Enlightening moment!

How to Join?
Really there is no official membership (it's more of a philosophy), but if you want to actually spread the flame and be a full participant, right now you need an iPhone and $1 for the Sonic Lighter, but anyone can view witness the spreading of the flame right here. The Sonic Lighter on it's own is an intriguing spectacle and has the power to put anyone in a comatose state of awe. It is fully interactive, you can light the lighter, blow it out, and burn the side of your phone with it. But the best part of all is you can light someone else's lighter with a little bit of magic and a face to face meeting. Once you light up you can also see the network grow in real time and later even track your own unique light up history. So let us all begin to propigate the flame and start something personal.