Wednesday, September 24, 2008

San Francisco Day 2 Was a Whopping Fun Time!

Hellooooooo everyone out there in Smule land! Today was a good day! I spend most of the day riding around downtown San Francisco once again, and took a quick trip out to Dolores Park. There were plenty of people to meet and quite a few characters as you can immagine. One in particular was Travis the Action Weaver in Dolores Park who was weaving a beautiful new scarf and soaking up the rays while they are available!

I also met a writer from GQ magazine who was out here visiting from New York. He wrote an article on Ted Nugent at one point and was invited out to see the Ranch that Ted lives on, but unfortunately he had to settle for a phone interview for lack of time. He was a very nice guy.

So that's the synopsis of day 2 in SF, more to come tomorrow as I branch out and try to embrace the city a little bit more on my journey to spread the light!

Keep on groovin and I hope to meet all of you soon!

-The Mule


Hyle said...

I got my light on Market street this day. Thanks...


The Mule said...

Hey Hey! The first person I've given a light to that left a comment! I certainly appreciate it and look forward to the next time I am able to give you a light.

Have a great weekend!

-The Mule