Monday, September 29, 2008

Recap of Saturday in Dolores Park

It was a fine Saturday afternoon in Dolores Park. The Expo for Independent Arts was in full swing and there were plenty of weekend people soaking up the rays. Thanks to the Expo there were bands of all types playing on a small stage and a lot of colorful people showing off their artistic capabilities. I spent some time on what I found out is called the Fruit Shelf at the South East portion of the park. Everyone there was very friendly and there was no shortage of tan and muscly bodies appreciating one of the few true summer weekend days the city has seen this year. The Sonic Lighter seemed to be an interesting topic for the people of the park and a few even decided to get lit by The Mule!


JasonQG said...

I "hacked" my Sonic Lighter. I was making noises with my mouth into the microphone, to see if I could light it without the help of another iPhone. I managed to do it a few times, and then one time my flame changed color, and the info screen now says that I've met the mule. Apparently, my mouth is the mule.

I tried to then pass my colored flame onto a friend's, but it didn't transfer. It would be cool if the colored flame spread like that from person to person, so in theory, it could eventually travel around the world. Unless it just didn't work for some reason because mine was "hacked"?

The Mule said...

Dear JasonQG,

Yes as of right now it is possible to "hack" a Mule Meeting, but only The Mule can pass the color changing flame as of right now. In updates to come to the Sonic Lighter more features will be available, possibly such as you suggested, but for now The Mule flame is a one time thing. Thanks for writing in and continue to pass the flame! Feel free to send in a picture or two of a unique light up.

-The Mule