Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smule at iPhone Software 3.0 Announcment

Today was a good day! Apple held a demonstration of the new 3.0 Software update for iPhone and iPod Touch. They announced that in the past two weeks they challenged a few developers to use the new SDK and try to create something with it. Well I am pleased to say that Smule was one of those and we did our thing at the demonstration. Ge Wang and his "assistant" who we lovingly call the "War Chief" rocked the house with a performance and sneak peek of our upcoming app Leaf Trombone World Stage. I am told that there was a thunderous applause and it was said to be the most well received portion of the event! Kudos to us!

Here is what Engadget's live blog said about the performance and demo. I especially like the fact that they said stuff like "Dr. Wang is intense" and "This is pretty amazing, just because it's so intensely bizarre." I think they nailed Smule on the nose with comments like those! HAHA!

10:58AM Scott: "Next, is Smule. The creators of Ocarina. Here's Dr. Ge Wang."

10:59AM Dr. Wang is intense.

11:01AM "We're excited about the new iPhone SDK." He's showing off an app called Leaf Trombone World Stage. Seriously. It's a multiplayer music app.

11:02AM Dr. Wang and assistant are about to perform "a little ditty" for us. "This is Phantom of the Opera on Leaf Trombone." It is. It is! Everyone is giggling. This is pretty amazing, just because it's so intensely bizarre.

11:02AM Huge applause for that! Huge!


Pontus Bornold said...

Is a video avalable anywhere?

Love to have a look at that performance.

The Mule said...

Hey Pontus!

Absolutely there is a video available and you can find it right here

now in HD! Woohoo. If you go to the 57 minute mark you'll find Ge and David of Smule leaving their mark on the world of Apple.

--The Mule

Sandeep said...

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Shah Alam said...

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