Friday, January 23, 2009

Smulerbowl Lighter Update

The Super Bowl is coming, but the Smulerbowl has already begun! Yesterday the latest Sonic Lighter update came out with yet another wonderful map to bring you the latest polls from around the globe of who people are voting for in the Superbowl...Smule-Style though of course. It seems that the Steelers are much more popular worldwide, because who ever heard of the Cardinals? Well that may be a little harsh, I mean it might just be due to the fact that we already offered a red flame for the Election 08 edition of Lighter, even though the flames are slightly different.
So who will it be? The Steelers who have already made numerous appearances at the Super Bowl, or the Cardinals who are currently the Smulean underdog? Or maybe you just plain don't give a hoot and that is awwwwwwright!

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nick said...

Fellas, i threw a Zephyr message out there this morning and niche back. What's going on