Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Using the Sonic Lighter as a Geo Paintbrush

Cool News from Smule HQ!
The Sonic Lighter is now being used as a paintbrush with the entire earth as its canvas. This is really cool stuff! With the latest update to the Sonic Lighter Light Map (the Google Maps version of the global light map available in the Sonic Lighter app) you can now create a live archived link to the Light Map as you see it. We have also developed a forum dedicated to the Sonic Lighter, where you can share your Lighter Map Art.

Here are some examples of a creative Smuler from Pasadena, and My Tag in Palo Alto.

Smiley Face from Pasadena

Holiday Greeting from Pasadena

Smule Tag in Palo Alto

In keeping with the tradition started by the guy in Pasadena I am including a screen shot of how long it took to make the "Smule" in PA.

The Time it Took

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