Tuesday, November 11, 2008

T-Shirt Giveaway and Mule tour 2!

Hello Everybody! I'm proud to announce that Smule now has T-Shirts to give away and I'm going on my second tour around the country!

How can you get a T-Shirt and meet the Mule? Well first you have to have Ocarina, and second you have to find yourself in my path, but that won't be all that hard since I'll be posting my general whereabouts in the right hand column on this here blog. I will also be posting my whereabouts soon on the Ocarina Forum.

So where am I going?
Mostly to Apple Stores to spread the word about the Ocarina but I might make some stops here and there. My tentative plan is to start in the Bay Area, then cruise down the coast to LA and San Diego. After that I'll be crossing the Southwest, hitting up Texas, passing through the South to Florida, and then on up the East Coast to New England. After that I'll be heading back West via Chicago and Illinois (maybe I'll stop by the Oprah show!), and finally gutting the good ole US of A right down the middle to return home in the Bay. All in about 2 weeks time if everything goes according to plan.

My itinerary is going to be pretty generalized here, but if you send me an e-mail and I'll let you know more exact locations as I get closer to them.

Hopefully I'll run into you soon and you can get a Smule T-Shirt!

-The Mule

1 comment:

jimit said...

this is great and how can i get and i leave in texas Houston so are you coming here and if yes the surely we will meet and you will give me t-shirt lol

thanks for this great idea smule
pls answer my question and reply me at jmpvir@hotmail.com