Monday, November 3, 2008

The Mule in People's Park

For those of you who haven't ever heard of People's Park, it is one of the many places in Berkeley California that became famous in the late 1960's for it's fervent political activism. There have been many documentaries and books that include sections about the park, most notably the documentary called "Berkeley in the 60's", because it became a landmark for free speech in that era. At one point in May of 1969 this peaceful place, where freedom of expression reigned supreme, became a scene of police brutality, oppression, and bloodshed. For more information on the events that took place at People's Park check out the Wikipedia article.

In my travels to Berkeley I met a very Eccentric individual by the name of Jonah who showed up at Berkeley about a month or two ago in a huge bus that he apparently drove from New York. On this one day in particular he was having an event with music and food at People's Park as well as encouraging passersby to help paint the entire exterior of the bus in a peaceful Berkeley manner. I of course couldn't pass up this wonderful opportunity and jumped right in. Leaving my mark.

Here I am with the man himself in front of his beautifully painted bus.

More of the Bus and Me.

The Bus on it's own. It was very big I must say.

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