Monday, November 17, 2008

Mule Tour Schedule Update

Hello everyone! I was a little bit more ambitious than I thought I would be today, so I won't be in San Diego tomorrow as I already hit all the Apple stores there! Tomorrow I will be in Northern LA hitting up 5 more stores before I head back to the Bay. And yes I am cutting the tour short which I will post about soon (i'm so busy I can't write any posts lately UGH!). I know you are all probably devastated that I won't be making it your way, but don't worry, it is due to unforseen wonderful circumstances, and I will hopefully be on the road again soon!

Here is my detailed schedule for tomorrow Monday Nov 17:

Simi Valley @ 10am (if I can wake up early enough)
Northridge @ 10:45am
Topanga @ 11:30am
Sherman Oaks @ 12:15pm
The Oaks @ 1:15pm
San Louis Obispo @ 4:30pm
Monterey @ 7:30 pm

If things go as they did yesterday, I will be ahead of schedule. Since I'm pretty much out of shirts I'm guessing it will go quick!

Maybe I'll see you there!

-The Mule

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