Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recap of My Trip Down the California Coast

OK here it is! Finally a little look into the life of the Mule on the road.

First of all, I ended up making it to 34 Apple Stores in 5 days! That's got to be some sort of record. Every single one was a great time and almost all of them had someone with Ocarina by the time I left. I handed out a TON of T-Shirts and you know what that means? A bunch of people got the Ocarina. Ohhhh yeahhh! Now that many more people will be able to express themselves musically to thousands of people around the world!

Here are a few snippets from my journey.

Ocarina Jam Session!
I would like to share this superb experience I had while in LA. There was a video posted of an amazing Ocarinist playing "Song of Storms" on YouTube with her keyboard playing the background music. Well I was fortunate enough to have gotten into contact with her during my travels, and she was nice enough to let me into her home for a bonafide Jam Session! Check out the true awesomeness that prevaled!

Rockarina ON Lauren, you are a fantastic example of what is possible and what Smule is all about!

Trail of Flame
I was able to keep track of where I went using my Sonic Lighter I hope this doesn't upset anyone considering the hills just North East of Hollywood were actually on fire. My condolences to those who lost their homes.

Then From LA to San Louis Obispo and up to the Bay

Thanks to Candace for this picture!

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