Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ocarina: The First wind instrument on the iPhone!

Today is a big day in the life of the Mule! Sonic Mule released the Ocarina: a wind instrument for the iPhone! It is truly fantastic if I do say so myself and you really need to see it to believe it. For those Zelda fans out there it is a must have. This one really takes the cake though. As with all our applications (except Sonic Vox) you can see everyone using the app around the world, but this one has something more. Instead of just seeing where people are playing, you can actually HEAR what they are playing and give a vote if you like it or not, or skip it and go to the next one. Talk about anonymous interactivity! But it gets better. If you take a trip to the new Ocarina website, you can even learn how to play the Ocarina, generate your own scores, AND join a forum of other Ocarina users to share your Ocarina experience or ask questions.

And here is a video of the first Ocarina quintet playing Stairway to Heaven. I just had to post it!


Tony said...

you got a mention in boing boing gadgets!

keep up the good work Mule!

d.durand said...

You also got some free advertising in France from my blog (2600 RSS subscribers)...

Why didn't you call your app "Ocariniphone" ? ;-)


d.durand said...

I reposted also my article on for which I write



The Mule said...

Wow thanks for the posts guys! These are some stellar reviews. Glad to see people are liking the Ocarina all over the world!

- The Mule

The Spoonman said...

First iPhone app I've paid for. Had it half an hour, already got more than 99 cents worth of enjoyment out of it. Thanks!

The Mule said...

Well that is what we like to hear! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself spoonman!

James said...

Love it! Just got the app (UK) and I REALLY want to know the notes to this ;). I am pro at Twinkle Twinkle little star? :p


The Mule said...

Hey James! Check out the Ocarina Forum and you'll find a ton of info on how to play your favorite songs.

This post has all the parts to "Stairway to Heaven"

Good Luck and keep on Smuling!

-The Mule

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