Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mule Tour On Hold! But for great reasons.

Hey Everybody Mule here.

I had to cut the Mule Tour short, but for great reasons. First of all I ran out of T-Shirts so as to not disappoint those of you who were waiting for me to come through your area, I am waiting to get more shirts.

Most importantly though, I am doing an official event at an Apple Store in San Francisco!
I will be demoing the 4 Sonic Mule products and handing out stickers as well as the last of the T-Shirts. If you are going to be in the Bay Area Come to the Stonestown Galleria Apple Store at 3pm Tomorrow (Wednesday the 19) and we can learn a song together on Ocarina! Woohoo!

I hope to be hitting the road again soon so keep checking in!

-The Mule


Max said...

Looks like I got to see you before you posted again. Thanks for visiting the Stonestown Apple Store and giving me shirts for me and my husband. I got online and fixed my billing info and was able to download the app.


The Mule said...

That's Great! Now the two of you can have Ocarina jams whenever you want!
Keep on Smuling!

-The Mule