Saturday, October 18, 2008

Last Day in LA!

Well I have to say I went out with a Hollywood style BANG! On my last day I made it to a few more Apple Stores and had the best time yet! But first I spent some time in Hollywood hanging out with the likes of Batman and Captain Jack Sparrow. A couple of unlikely characters to find on the same block, but it made for some interesting Sonic Mule action. Videos to follow!

In my final Los Angeles moments I went to a fashion show! Christian Audigier, designer of the tatoo inspired Ed Hardy clothing line, was showing off his Spring '09 collection. But here's the fun part folks. Believe it or not, after the show I was standing around Smuling it up and who just about bumps into me? Mr. Audigier himself! I guess Hollywood is the place to see the rich and famous. I snapped a shot with my iPhone, but he was moving fast so it's a bit blurry.

I have to say, my time in LA was great fun, and I believe the Mule made quite an impression on this Star Studded town.

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