Thursday, December 11, 2008

Win $1,000 in an Epic Ocarina Contest from Smule!!

The "This Contest Blows" Contest was introduced today by yours truly! I apologize for not posting very much lately, but I've been working hard on getting the contest off the ground!
Here's the Official Video

If you want to participate, just post your video either as a Video Response to this video or on the YouTube Group Page, then go to the Contest Website to fill out a short little form that will officially enter you in the contest!

I hope you guys have some fun and look forward to your creative entries!

--The Mule


Validatorian said...

I've convinced my wife to allow me to get the iPhone early (it was going to be a Christmas present) just so I could enter in this contest. I'm going to be the underdog, as I'm not very musically inclined, and I've never played the ocarina before (iPhone or otherwise) but I'm an excellent marketer and have a fantastic idea that should propel me to the #1 spot in short order.

So count me in!

The Mule said...

This sounds most amazing! I can't wait to see what you are up too. And I guess the best part about the Ocarina is that you don't really have to be musically inclined to learn a song since there are so many on our website. It really takes about 10 minutes to learn pretty much any song!
Can't wait to see your vid!

--The Mule